About Us

CeSF (Croatian eSports Federation) is a federation of esports associations that gather fans of electronic games and competitions.

CeSF takes care of promotion, popularization and regulation of esports in Croatia with the purpose of esports being recognized as a sport.

The Federation also provides competition and tournament organization support, organizes country level competitions and leagues and secures standardization through implementing and enforcing International eSports Federation (IeSF) rules.

Special causes for the Federation are raising awareness about video game influence on society and individuals as well as developing citizens' digital competence.

Digital competence

Digital competence is a competence for lifelong education. It refers to the ability for safe and critical use of information-communication technology for use in personal and social life, education and in communication. Its key elements are information-communication skills and abilities: using the computer for finding, assessing, storing, creating, visualizing and exchanging information and developing collaborative networks via the Internet. It is one of eight foundational competences for lifelong education of the National curriculum framework.

Jan Mikuličić


Juraj Domac

Vice president

Leonardo Bujas

Vice president

Nikola Stolnik

Vice president

Luka Kulušić

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