Esports is a form of competition by using video games. The name is an abbreviation of the term electronic sport, other variations as e-sports, eSports etc. are also used.

Most commonly, esports are organized competitions where teams or individuals compete by playing video games predicted for a larger number of players.

Esports can be played via an Internet connection from any location and or by accessing a computer network on locations architectured for such events, such as estadiums, earenas etc.

Competitions can be of tournament or league types.

Like fire, video games and playing esports can be a good servant, but a bad master…



  • Encourage improvement in concentration and cognitive abilities
  • Develop reading and mathematical literacy
  • Enable acquiring experience in a safe environment
  • Improve motoric and spatial skills and visual data processing
  • Facilitate adjustment to new situations
  • Ease meeting new people and meeting new friends
  • Teach teamwork
  • Develop logic conclusion skills, decision making and problem solving
  • Facilitate learning foreign languages
  • Emphasize the importance of accuracy and precision
  • Useful as aid for upbringing and education
  • Help with recovery from physical and psychic trauma


  • Playing too much can have a bad influence on health and result in video game addiction
  • Not a substitute for physical activity
  • Can lead to social isolation
  • Increased exposure and potential habituation to violence
  • Can lead to wrong or unrealistic expectations about real life